Cheap Travel to Egypt – 5 must visit Art Galleries in Cairo



Cheap travel to Egypt is the perfect holiday destination for everyone who is looking for an adventurous and enlightening trip. Egypt is known to be a cultural hub for people who appreciate rich history, old civilizations, archaeology and art in its true sense. It is known to be the house of one of the oldest surviving wonder of the world “the Pyramids of Giza.” Majority of people travel to Egypt just to witness the Pyramids of Giza but there is more to travelling to Egypt than just the pyramids. For someone who appreciates art, cultural diversity, creativity and innovation Egypt is the ideal destination. If you are looking to explore the history and art in its true form then Cairo is the perfect place to go to during your cheap travel to Egypt.

Here are five must-visit Art galleries in Cairo that you must visit during your cheap to Egypt travel.

Cheap travel to Egypt - Cairo Opera House

The Cairo Opera House is a must-visit destination for all the art lovers who appreciate art in all forms. It is not just an ordinary art gallery but a cultural landmark that is known for being an institute where art flourishes in its real form. The opera house is the centre of innovation, creativity and thriving art by young talented artists who have a zeal for all forms of art. If you are an art enthusiast, Cairo Opera house is the best destination where you can witness various ballet performances, concerts, opera performances, art exhibitions and other forms of art.

Town House Gallery

Town house gallery is known to be the house of modern, contemporary art that is not only limited to the old art forms that are enchanting and inspiring but also exhibit stories that perfectly display the creativity and innovation of the new artists flourishing in a culturally rich destination like Egypt. The town gallery has been housing contemporary artwork and being a source of inspiration for the new artistic since 1998. It is a non-profit gallery that focuses on providing a platform to help the young and talented artists who believe in experiencing the art in its true form.

Travelling to Egypt - Picasso

If you are a fan of purposeful modern art that covers the life of society including the luring future, beautiful historical stories and the joyful present, Picasso is a must-visit destination. This gallery serves as a venue for various exciting art exhibitions but apart from these seasonal exhibitions, this gallery also houses a permanent exhibition that addresses the contemporary art with the perfect blend of rich history and ancient culture. Without visiting Picasso your cheap travel to Egypt will be incomplete.

Darb 1718

Darb is a non-profit organisation that has been a source of inspiration for art lovers globally since 2008. The gallery is an ideal destination for the artists and art lovers who appreciate natural beauty. With the impeccably designed indoors and outdoors area, this incredible gallery provides an ideal venue for the art exhibitions and cultural events alike. If you appreciate contemporary art and want to witness modern art in Egypt with its true spirit, Darb 1718 is a must visit place during your cheap travel to Egypt.

Khan El Maghraby

Khan El Maghraby is a feast for eyes in all senses, the beautiful surrounding area and irresistible view adds perfectly to the beautiful art that is exhibited in the gallery. If you or your partner appreciate modern art, Khan El Maghraby is the best destination for you. The gallery is a venue for various art exhibitions by some of the famous Croatian artists. Where other cities in Egypt are famous for the rich history, Khan El Maghraby is a must-visit destination during the cheap travel to Egypt, for all the art lovers who appreciate the modern and contemporary art.

Final Verdict

Egypt is known for its rich history and remarkable contribution in the Seven Wonders of the World with its pyramids. Most people don’t realise the country is not only rich in history but is also among the oldest surviving civilizations and it is a cultural hub for all the art and history enthusiasts. For someone packing up for cheap travel to Egypt, it is impossible to complete your cheap to Egypt vacation without visiting these phenomenal contemporary art galleries in Cairo.