Dubai Travel Package Direct Flight Deals - Everything Thing You Should Know


Selecting a Dubai travel package direct flight deals is quite challenging since most direct flight tickets are expensive. For someone on a budget, look for Dubai travel packages direct flight that are offered by travel companies rather than buying tickets straight from airlines. Ideally, these package deals include airfare, accommodation, insurance, food, transportation, complimentary tours to the famous tourist attractions, complimentary services, room service etc. in relatively cheaper Dubai travel packages flight deals, the facilities are less or it just covers the basic things. If you are planning to enjoy your holidays in Dubai, you must know about the weather condition, famous tourist destination, economical food options, affordable accommodation options and other important things that can help you with planning the perfect vacation. Here is everything that can help you understand what must include in your Dubai travel package direct flight and what can you do to save money.

Dubai Travel Package Direct Flight- Accommodation

Most Dubai package holiday cheap includes accommodation, the choice and condition of the hotel depending on the amount you have aid for the package. In some cases, the deal might not include the accommodation especially if the Dubai package deals is quite cheap. In this case, you have to find the accommodation you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve. There is no doubt Dubai is an expensive place and no one comes to Dubai with a misconception that it is cheap. For finding the affordable accommodation you need to research about new hotels. Usually, new hotels offer introductory discount prices, this helps them gain more customers and built their reputation. In addition to new hotels, there are hotels that offer off-season discounts and early bird discounts that you can avail during Dubai travel package direct flight. For someone on a budget planning for a Dubai trip, research is the key. You can also look at Airbnb and other Couche surfing websites to get cheap accommodation.


Food in Dubai is as best as it gets, it’s like walking into a 7-star hotel buffet. You can get some of the best fast food, continental and desi food on your Dubai package holiday cheap. A large chunk of Dubai population consists of expats, which means you can experience an authentic taste of more than 50 countries. The only problem is budget if you are enjoying cheap Dubai package deals and you are on a budget look for smaller places and street food. There are Pakistani, Indian and Afghani restaurants selling desi food at an extremely affordable price. Since Dubai is known to be the silicon valley of the Middle East, start-ups and small businesses flourish here. Recently, new start-ups have also launched various food delivery options where you can order healthy and cheap food at an affordable price. Just like for finding cheap package deal there are a lot of options all you have to do is research a little. Similarly, there is a lot of food option, you just need to research about it first.


Most Dubai travel package direct flight include the transportation but if you are choosing a cheap option, you might end up with a Dubai cheap holiday package cheap without transportation. There are multiple transportation options available and they are quite affordable, however, the cheapest option is the metro. Metro covers the center of Dubai, making it easier for everyone to reach their destination but during the rush hours, on your Dubai package holiday cheap you might face some problem due to this. You can also take buss if you don’t have a tight schedule, most buses do not come on time so you need to compromise a little. Although, you can take a cab or rent a car both of these options are quite expensive and for someone on a tight budget, this is not suitable.

Complimentary tours

If you buy an expensive Dubai travel package direct flight, it may also include complimentary tours. These tours include free entry to most tourist attraction, discount offers, free rides or free tours. For someone enjoying cheap Dubai travel package direct flight and want to save money, complimentary tours might not be included. You need to either visit all these places on your own or visit places that are relatively cheap, so you don’t go overboard with your budget. While planning for your cheap Dubai package deals, look for places offering happy hour, discounts, women night offers and other discount offers. This can help you save a lot during your trip. Moreover, look for places where entry is free or entry fee is too low. There are places where you can enjoy free, this includes the tallest fountain set right in front of the tallest building in Dubai. Moreover, you can enjoy a ride on the traditional wooden boats at an exceptionally low price.