Cheap Travel to Egypt – 5 must visit Art Galleries in Cairo



Cheap travel to Egypt is the perfect holiday destination for everyone who is looking for an adventurous and enlightening trip. Egypt is known to be a cultural hub for people who appreciate rich history, old civilizations, archaeology and art in its true sense. It is known to be the house of one of the oldest surviving wonder of the world “the Pyramids of Giza.” Majority of people travel to Egypt just to witness the Pyramids of Giza but there is more to travelling to Egypt than just the pyramids. For someone who appreciates art, cultural diversity, creativity and innovation Egypt is the ideal destination. If you are looking to explore the history and art in its true form then Cairo is the perfect place to go to during your cheap travel to Egypt.

Here are five must-visit Art galleries in Cairo that you must visit during your cheap to Egypt travel.

Cheap travel to Egypt - Cairo Opera House

The Cairo Opera House is a must-visit destination for all the art lovers who appreciate art in all forms. It is not just an ordinary art gallery but a cultural landmark that is known for being an institute where art flourishes in its real form. The opera house is the centre of innovation, creativity and thriving art by young talented artists who have a zeal for all forms of art. If you are an art enthusiast, Cairo Opera house is the best destination where you can witness various ballet performances, concerts, opera performances, art exhibitions and other forms of art.

Town House Gallery

Town house gallery is known to be the house of modern, contemporary art that is not only limited to the old art forms that are enchanting and inspiring but also exhibit stories that perfectly display the creativity and innovation of the new artists flourishing in a culturally rich destination like Egypt. The town gallery has been housing contemporary artwork and being a source of inspiration for the new artistic since 1998. It is a non-profit gallery that focuses on providing a platform to help the young and talented artists who believe in experiencing the art in its true form.

Travelling to Egypt - Picasso

If you are a fan of purposeful modern art that covers the life of society including the luring future, beautiful historical stories and the joyful present, Picasso is a must-visit destination. This gallery serves as a venue for various exciting art exhibitions but apart from these seasonal exhibitions, this gallery also houses a permanent exhibition that addresses the contemporary art with the perfect blend of rich history and ancient culture. Without visiting Picasso your cheap travel to Egypt will be incomplete.

Darb 1718

Darb is a non-profit organisation that has been a source of inspiration for art lovers globally since 2008. The gallery is an ideal destination for the artists and art lovers who appreciate natural beauty. With the impeccably designed indoors and outdoors area, this incredible gallery provides an ideal venue for the art exhibitions and cultural events alike. If you appreciate contemporary art and want to witness modern art in Egypt with its true spirit, Darb 1718 is a must visit place during your cheap travel to Egypt.

Khan El Maghraby

Khan El Maghraby is a feast for eyes in all senses, the beautiful surrounding area and irresistible view adds perfectly to the beautiful art that is exhibited in the gallery. If you or your partner appreciate modern art, Khan El Maghraby is the best destination for you. The gallery is a venue for various art exhibitions by some of the famous Croatian artists. Where other cities in Egypt are famous for the rich history, Khan El Maghraby is a must-visit destination during the cheap travel to Egypt, for all the art lovers who appreciate the modern and contemporary art.

Final Verdict

Egypt is known for its rich history and remarkable contribution in the Seven Wonders of the World with its pyramids. Most people don’t realise the country is not only rich in history but is also among the oldest surviving civilizations and it is a cultural hub for all the art and history enthusiasts. For someone packing up for cheap travel to Egypt, it is impossible to complete your cheap to Egypt vacation without visiting these phenomenal contemporary art galleries in Cairo.

Cheap Holidays Turkey - 7 Important Archaeological Sites that are Worth a Visit


If archaeology is a field that fascinates you then your cheap holidays Turkey will be a memorable experience because there is a lot to explore in the country. Turkey has a number of archaeological sites all around the land that are an evidence of different eras and the existence of the empires that reigned over the country. The constant shift in the leadership of Turkey greatly influenced all aspects of society and left some of the most interesting remains in the country that continue to amaze people.

Therefore, if you enjoy taking a walk through the past and learning about the archaeological values of different sites then visit the places mentioned below on your cheap holidays in Turkey.

Visit Ephesus on your Cheap Holidays Turkey

Ephesus is the most famous archaeological site in the country and it attracts a great number of tourists every year. It is also one of the most well-preserved sites and lies near Izmir. Ephesus was an ancient Greek city, built in the 10th-century and it was one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean. In the present time, Ephesus is one of the most interesting archaeological sites and has a number of ancient ruins that give an insight into the cultures of Greece, Rome and early Christianity. Therefore, visit this remarkable city to experience the rich cultural heritage of ancient times on your cheap holidays making Turkey one of the best holiday destinations in the world.


Aphrodisias is undoubtedly one of the most important and popular archaeological sites in the country which is known to have a great mythological background as well. You must visit this incredible site on your cheap holidays Turkey because it was an important city during the Greek and Roman period. It was built for the Greek goddess Aphrodite and contains the Temple of Aphrodite which is the most astonishing structure in this city.

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Miletus is yet another important archaeological site to visit because it provides an insight into the period of Archaic Greece. This was another ancient Greek city which was the centre of science and philosophy in ancient times. In the present time, it is a famous tourist attraction with some fascinating historical structures that include the sanctuary of Apollo Delphinion, the Hellenistic Theatre and the Church of St. Michael. Therefore, visit Miletus on your cheap holiday Turkey for an enriching and memorable experience.


Troy is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world because of its rich historical background and the numerous depictions that have presented the history and lifestyle of the city. Your cheap holidays Turkey will be an incredible experience if you visit Troy. It was a city in the Bronze Age and it was attacked in the Trojan War which is another reason for its popularity. This city dates back to 4th-century B.C. and it is now one of the major tourist attractions in the country.


Göbeklitepe is another important archaeological site to visit on your cheap holidays in Turkey. It was an important sanctuary built in the Neolithic era and it is one of the oldest man-made religious structures in the world. The remains of this ancient site give an insight into the architectural techniques of the ancient times that includes limestone pillars, pictograms and so much more. Therefore, visit this fascinating site on your Turkey holidays if you are interested in architecture and history.

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Yenikapi is the name given to the archaeological remains that were discovered in the Yenikapi district of Istanbul in 2004. Your cheap holidays Turkey will be a wonderful experience if you visit this magnificent site. The excavation of this site started in 2004 and ended in 2013 resulting in the discovery of 35,000 ancient objects and 36 ships. These items were found to be from the 7th and 11th centuries and played an important role in the construction of Constantinople’s Theodosia Harbour.


Çatalhöyük is one of the most prominent archaeological sites that you can visit on your cheap holiday Turkey. It was quite a large Neolithic settlement in the southern Anatolia. Çatalhöyük was discovered in the 1950s and after many years of popularity, it was finally included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 2012. This archaeological site is quite large in size and the remains of this city give an insight into the culture, the lifestyle and architecture of the ancient times. Therefore, visit Çatalhöyük on your cheap holidays Turkey for an enriching and memorable experience.

Key Takeaways!

Turkey is one of the most multicultural countries in the world because it has undergone a number of shifts in the leadership which have greatly influenced the country. This is why Turkey has a rich historical background, cultural heritage and a number of historical sites that give an insight into the past of the country. Therefore, visit the archaeological sites mentioned above on your cheap holidays Turkey for a unique and unforgettable experience.

5 Benefits of Planning Egypt Package Tours with your Family


Planning Egypt package tours with your family are the best option to keep your finances in check if you are travelling on a budget. Making all the arrangements by yourself can be burdening and expensive which is why availing a suitable tour package will be beneficial, allowing you to easily roam around this fascinating holiday destination. Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and therefore, it has a rich history, archaeological landmarks and stunning landscapes. People travel in great number from all across the globe to witness the beauty of the country apart from the sand and the desert. This has led to a high tourism rate in Egypt with almost 8.3 million tourists who visited the country in the year 2017.

Therefore, you should plan your Egypt package tour cheap so you can witness the beauty and the glory of the country with ease and without worrying about your finances. Here are all the benefits of availing a suitable tour package for your trip to Egypt.

Egypt Package Tours Manage your Transportation

Transportation is one of the biggest concerns when you have to travel to a different country and this concern is magnified if you have to follow a budget. However, when you plan your vacation with the help of a tour package you do not have to worry about the mode of transportation and just fares because everything is arranged by your travel company. Most travel companies cover the maximum expenses of transportation for their customers which makes it easy for the travellers to roam around their holiday destination with a peace of mind. However, it is not the same with every tour package which is why you should choose the best package after Egypt travel price comparison to get the best deal.

Accommodations are arranged

Another facility provided to you by your travel company for your family Egypt package tours are the comfortable accommodations. It can be difficult to find a suitable and affordable place to stay in a new country. However, the travel companies are able to avail the best hotel deals and provide you with affordable and comfortable accommodations. These accommodations are clean and provide all the necessary facilities including, food, electricity, water and comfort to ensure the best experience for you and your family.

Sightseeing Becomes Easy

Another benefit of cheap package tours Egypt is the maximum financial support for you and your family so you can go sightseeing in the country with ease. Since there are a number of tourist attractions in Egypt, the tour package will not be able to arrange guided tours and financial support for all the sites. However, tour packages are able to manage and arrange trips for you and your family for the major tourist attractions. The financial support provided for your Egypt package tours with your family would ensure that you explore, enjoy and remain comfortable at this holiday destination without being worried about your finances throughout the trip.

There are Discounts

One very important benefit of availing cheap package tours to Egypt for your family vacation is the availability of discounts that you might miss otherwise. The travel companies have a lot of contacts and they often know about hotel deals, flight deals and discounts on transportation, dining, tickets for sightseeing etc. which are not always available for people planning a trip on their own. Since, travelling to a new country may have unexpected expenses it is always best to know about all the possible discounts and deals so you can plan your finances accordingly. Therefore, availing such inexpensive package tours Egypt would ensure a comfortable, relaxed and a memorable vacation with your family.

There is Professional Assistance

The biggest relief during Egypt package tours with your family is the availability of around the clock customer’s services even if you are in a different country. Travelling to a new country can be intimidating because there are a lot of concerns and questions regarding your travel, safety, your stay and so on, especially when you are with your family. However, it becomes easier to travel with fewer worries and concerns when you have professional assistance available at all times in case of an emergency or a query. Therefore, another benefit of availing cheap package tours to Egypt is the availability of customer services at any time during your trip.

Key Takeaways!

Travelling on a budget does not mean that you would have to miss out on all the important activities at your holiday destination or you won’t be able to visit the tourist attractions or get low quality services at hotels etc. This is why planning Egypt package tours are the best option, especially when you have to travel with your family because of all the benefits mentioned above. Therefore, search and select the most suitable tour package for your holidays to ensure one of the best experiences of your life.

Cheap Mallorca Travel – 8 Reasons to plan a Trip to Mallorca


You should plan a cheap Mallorca travel to take some time off the busy life so you can spend some time with your family or friends at this beautiful destination. Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands of Spain with a high tourism rate, welcoming more than 46 million tourists in the year 2017. The high rate of tourism that increases every year has greatly contributed to the prosperity and the popularity of Spain, making it one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world.

Mallorca has beautiful waters, good food, scenic landscapes and so much more that makes it a wonderful holiday destination. Therefore, if you want to plan a vacation with your friends or family then here are all the reasons why you should plan a Mallorca travel cheap.

Plan a Cheap Mallorca Travel for a Perfect Beach Experience

The beaches in Mallorca provide the most perfect beach experience with white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters surrounded by the exotic wildlife beauty. The beaches in Mallorca have all the necessary services for the tourists, security for the children and opportunities for people to enjoy various water sports which makes it an experience of a lifetime for everyone.

The Exquisite Food

The food in Mallorca is one of the best experiences you will have during your cheap travel Mallorca. The food items are fresh and clean, the flavours are exquisite and the cuisines are available in a good quality at an affordable price even at the local hotels. Mallorca also has some of the best seafood items because the ocean is clean and pure and adds to the taste of the food.

The Captivating Sunrise

One of the most captivating and breath-taking views you should not miss during your cheap Mallorca travel is to witness a sunrise. If you want to catch this mesmerizing view you should visit the Port de Pollença early in the morning and witness the rays of light emerging from the hidden clouds in the sky, accompanied by the sweet sound of the birds.

Cultural Diversity

Mallorca has a multicultural environment because a great number of people from all across the globe visit the island. This cultural diversity has created a comfortable environment causing the number of tourists to increase every year. During your Mallorca cheap travel, you will be amazed to see the interaction and the comfort between the locals and the tourists which creates an incomparable cultural setting.

An Artistic Environment

If you are interested in discovering the artistic aspect of a country then visiting Mallorca will be a fantastic idea because the island is artistically very rich. You will witness the history, culture and the traditions of the island during your cheap Mallorca travel, represented through different forms of art. These different forms include paintings, crafts, music and literature which are thoroughly enjoyed by the locals as well as the tourists.

The Mesmerizing Music

Music is the most famous form of expression amongst the locals and it is a very important type of art that is performed all around the island. You can enjoy several music festivals that are greatly anticipated by the people and take place every year on the island. Apart from the festivals, you will also experience the spellbinding music on the streets during your Mallorca travel cheap which will definitely be a very unique experience for you.

A Paradise for Water Sports

Mallorca has the perfect beaches as well as the most suitable climate for water sports. A great number of tourists participate in water sports all around the island during their cheap Mallorca travel. You can enjoy the water sports like surfing, diving, sailing, fishing and swimming because of the ideal warm beaches and the strong winds.

A Historically Rich Island

Mallorca has a very rich historical background and amazing architectural structures that have been standing for several decades. Therefore, if you are interested in exploring the history and architecture of new places then Mallorca will definitely be an exciting destination for you.

Some of the historical sites with impressive architecture that you should visit during your Mallorca cheap travel include:

  • Palma Cathedral
  • The Royal Palace of Almudaina
  • Nuevo Pueblo Español
  • Old Town of Alcudia
  • Real Cartuja de Valldemossa

If you visit these prominent sites mentioned above you are guaranteed to have an enriching experience which is another reason why you should plan a trip to Mallorca.

Key Takeaways!

Mallorca offers numerous opportunities for people to explore the island, delight in the delicious food, enjoy the music festivals and water sports or just spend some relaxing and peaceful time at one of the beaches. Therefore, you should plan your cheap Mallorca travel which will be an adventurous and unforgettable experience because of all the reasons mentioned above.

Dubai Travel Package Direct Flight Deals - Everything Thing You Should Know


Selecting a Dubai travel package direct flight deals is quite challenging since most direct flight tickets are expensive. For someone on a budget, look for Dubai travel packages direct flight that are offered by travel companies rather than buying tickets straight from airlines. Ideally, these package deals include airfare, accommodation, insurance, food, transportation, complimentary tours to the famous tourist attractions, complimentary services, room service etc. in relatively cheaper Dubai travel packages flight deals, the facilities are less or it just covers the basic things. If you are planning to enjoy your holidays in Dubai, you must know about the weather condition, famous tourist destination, economical food options, affordable accommodation options and other important things that can help you with planning the perfect vacation. Here is everything that can help you understand what must include in your Dubai travel package direct flight and what can you do to save money.

Dubai Travel Package Direct Flight- Accommodation

Most Dubai package holiday cheap includes accommodation, the choice and condition of the hotel depending on the amount you have aid for the package. In some cases, the deal might not include the accommodation especially if the Dubai package deals is quite cheap. In this case, you have to find the accommodation you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve. There is no doubt Dubai is an expensive place and no one comes to Dubai with a misconception that it is cheap. For finding the affordable accommodation you need to research about new hotels. Usually, new hotels offer introductory discount prices, this helps them gain more customers and built their reputation. In addition to new hotels, there are hotels that offer off-season discounts and early bird discounts that you can avail during Dubai travel package direct flight. For someone on a budget planning for a Dubai trip, research is the key. You can also look at Airbnb and other Couche surfing websites to get cheap accommodation.


Food in Dubai is as best as it gets, it’s like walking into a 7-star hotel buffet. You can get some of the best fast food, continental and desi food on your Dubai package holiday cheap. A large chunk of Dubai population consists of expats, which means you can experience an authentic taste of more than 50 countries. The only problem is budget if you are enjoying cheap Dubai package deals and you are on a budget look for smaller places and street food. There are Pakistani, Indian and Afghani restaurants selling desi food at an extremely affordable price. Since Dubai is known to be the silicon valley of the Middle East, start-ups and small businesses flourish here. Recently, new start-ups have also launched various food delivery options where you can order healthy and cheap food at an affordable price. Just like for finding cheap package deal there are a lot of options all you have to do is research a little. Similarly, there is a lot of food option, you just need to research about it first.


Most Dubai travel package direct flight include the transportation but if you are choosing a cheap option, you might end up with a Dubai cheap holiday package cheap without transportation. There are multiple transportation options available and they are quite affordable, however, the cheapest option is the metro. Metro covers the center of Dubai, making it easier for everyone to reach their destination but during the rush hours, on your Dubai package holiday cheap you might face some problem due to this. You can also take buss if you don’t have a tight schedule, most buses do not come on time so you need to compromise a little. Although, you can take a cab or rent a car both of these options are quite expensive and for someone on a tight budget, this is not suitable.

Complimentary tours

If you buy an expensive Dubai travel package direct flight, it may also include complimentary tours. These tours include free entry to most tourist attraction, discount offers, free rides or free tours. For someone enjoying cheap Dubai travel package direct flight and want to save money, complimentary tours might not be included. You need to either visit all these places on your own or visit places that are relatively cheap, so you don’t go overboard with your budget. While planning for your cheap Dubai package deals, look for places offering happy hour, discounts, women night offers and other discount offers. This can help you save a lot during your trip. Moreover, look for places where entry is free or entry fee is too low. There are places where you can enjoy free, this includes the tallest fountain set right in front of the tallest building in Dubai. Moreover, you can enjoy a ride on the traditional wooden boats at an exceptionally low price.